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Introducing Globe Nemo!

Revolutionary 3D Printing Solution from Sphere Tech Innovations, Bringing your Designs to Life is much more easier!


Why Globe NEMO is Best ?

Your Prototype Experience has never been so easier than now! With our Globe NEMO on your table 3D Printing is a Breeze!

Compact Design

Do you know? Globe Nemo is now More Compact with bigger and better build volume.

Fully Assembled

Globe NEMO is fully assembled! You can start your first print without much effort in setting up.

Easy Bed Leveling

Leveling you print bed is much easier than ever with our latest design. This allows superior print with less effort.

Attractive Features

Designed to satisfy every need of your 3d printing experience. Globe Nemo is crafted for utmost perfection and pocket friendliness.

3D Printing

You can bring your designs to life with our 3D printing as a service model.

Excellent Bed Adhesion

Your print bed is crafted to have excellent bed adhesion to provide superior print quality

Optical Endstops

More accurate prints than ever. Thanks to our optical endstop technology


Make in India

We are proud to say that Globe Nemo is fully Assembled in India for better availability.

Open Source

Compitable with most opensource slicers and tools. Thus saving your pocket in each and every print.

Large Display

Larger Display for better and easier control. Larger display eases the way in which we set up our print