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Elegance meets Power

Volterra brings together some of the most powerful features of thermoplastic 3D Printing in a neat, easy to understand and user friendly package that ensures you meet the most demanding of applications and ensuring your success.

Technical Specifications

450°C Nozzle Temperature

90°C Heated Chamber

Integrated Material Pre-Heater


Printer Architecture

Large Build Volume

IMEX Retracting Tool Heads.

Heated Build Envelope

7-inch capacitive touch HMI

Replaceable & Interchangeable Tools

IOT enabled Monitoring & Control

Integrated Heated Filament Chamber

Moisture is the enemy while printing Industrial Thermoplastics, severely affecting printing performance
Volterra’s heated filament chamber keeps moisture out of Hygroscopic Materials like Polycarbonate, Nylon, PVA, BVOH, PEEK, ULTEM and PEAK.